Saturday, February 12, 2011

A day of Kids

We were awaken to the sweet sounds of young children at 5 am.....Thank God their momma was also here to be awake with them until Kels and I got up. We enjoyed playing the iPad, chess, watching Pink Panther (even though we never actually saw him in the show), and just spending time together. We were honored to get handwritten Thank You notes.

After they left, we had a great time spending 1:1 time with our nephew Nolan. He's such a sweet boy! He enjoyed Mr. Potato Head, hiding things in beans, dancing with Uncle Kelsey and playing the iPad.....I'm always amazed how young children know how to manipulate the programs!

When Mom and the big boys are away....
to Laura and Kelsey's I go to play!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


First, I must say that I am VERY VERY thankful I have an occupation that closes down when the snow gets too deep! I'm thankful for the people who get to work to care for others.

I'm thankful for a husband who shares an occupation, so we can have a nice day at home.

I'm thankful for a snow blower that has a massive amount of horse power to shoot the snow far far far away from our property!

I'm thankful that we don't have neighbors so I can shoot the snow as far as I'd like!

I'm thankful for a new niece that was born today (good thing her mom and dad went to the hospital yesterday.)

I'm thankful for a house that is warm and turkey in the oven for dinner. Monkey bread is also on the agenda for tonight!

I'm thankful for the day to take down all my snow decorations and put up hearts for V-day! Maybe it was the snowman sitting out that brought all this snow!

I'm thankful I can sit at the computer and scrapbook for takes longer than you'd think :)