Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day of Acceptance

Today my staff at school celebrated with 3E and their International Day of Acceptance. As a sister, wife, friend and teacher of people with disabilities I'm all about accepting people for who they are.
Sister: Oh my wonderful brother who always has some witty comment and always sees the bright side to each day. My brother who is continually trying to plan trips, get together, tell random facts, and lame jokes. He has helped make me who I am today.
Teacher: As tired as I get working each day, I love my students and I love figuring out how to best teach them. I love seeing little progress each day that will someday be big progress.
Wife: We get great parking spots, to the front of the line at Disney, and we use the wheel chair to pass things to each other so we don't have to get off the couch :) In all seriousness, I love my hubby and his set of wheels.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

So as I take down the last of the Christmas decorations, I'm a little sad because now all we will get in the mail is bills, adds, and junk mail from random credit cards we don't own.

Thanks to everyone for sending a card....some weren't up when this photo was taken so don't get mad if you don't see your card :)

Heres to an awesome 2011!!