Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Because

I'm thankful for a friend that will go out to dinner....just because.
I'm thankful for a friend that is always there....just because.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Aunt Sue, Adam, Uncle Randy, Grandpa, and Me!!! We celebrated the family birthdays in January, February, and March.

Thank you

A HUGE thank you to my friend Jess for making my birthday week grand! We started this a few years ago while working together, and even though we're miles apart, the tradition continues.
I enjoyed each gift!!! Thank you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Great Aunt Jean

Happy Birthday to my Great Aunt Jean!
She passed away in August after a short illness. She is much loved and missed by all of our family.
We now spend each Saturday morning at her house going through her things...and of generations before her. We usually sit for an hour and chat (what the Hazlewood women do best) and then get to work. I don't think Aunt Jean minds....the most important thing to her was keeping family together and she left us the opportunity to get together each weekend. We had a family pot luck last weekend after we were done working.....not all the family was there, but I think it was a good way for us to celebrate her birthday.
There will never be another Great Aunt Jean, and that's ok....she was a one of a kind. Because of her I know the names of flowers, appreciate education, love jewelry, and save way too much!

I'm attempting to upload a video of her...but here is a photo for the meantime.